Senzarete Netzlos

senzarete / netzlos is an office for cultural exchange
in training, tourism and educational work
since 1999 in berlin, between germany and italy
and coordinated with other countries.

the office arises from the skills of the owner,
claudio cassetti in different roles
all essentially educationaly,

  • as a guide in berlin and urban researcher
  • as a teacher of languages and in adult education
  • as a consultant for projects
  • as group moderator and
  • as a mediator (also through german-italian translations)
    in processes of intercultural exchange.

service provider in senzarete / netless is claudio cassetti,
mostly in partnership with other institutions.
occasionally, employees are hired for individual projects.

senzarete / netless works in cooperation with others ngos
and on order of mostly public institutions and offers various activities:

  • adult and youth education, especially in berlin, from city tours
    up to projects about NS and Shoa and the perception of the city and architecture; from German courses to internships for schoolchildren, previously also youth exchanges;
  • Consulting, planning and implementation of European projects
    in the fields of adult education, memory work, working with time witnesses;
  • forther education e.g. for socialworkers or teachers;
  • international exchange and contact among city administrations, NGOs, schools, …;
  • intercultural network work, e.g. in the european summer academy at the adult education centers, that took place in a different European city each year between 2004 and 2010;
  • translating and interpreting German-Italian (in social, history, architecture and other areas)

    senzarete / netlos works not only in the area of education, social and civic activieties, but also in other (also commercial) areas where intercultural communication is important.

    the main keywords of our work:
  • communication as a competition,
  • cultural and social work as a common search for participation,
  • peer education
  • doubt, innovation and contamination

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